Does Christian = Credibility?

    Is there a bias to respect opinions of christians over people of other faiths? Is there one on this site?

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    well to be perfectly frankly honest with you I have met quite a few people that claim to be christian but their actions would tend to make me believe otherwise, but also knowing that none of us are perfect and God sees each and everyone of our hearts and we do not have that ability per se, so I guess you have to really watch someone;s actions and how they line up with their talk?


    Claiming to be christian, but not? What are they then? It is a misconception that all faiths other than christian are evil,or "of the devil". Religion itself is about morality, and that includes other religions. For example, I'm a pagan, so one of my moral rules is that whatever I do to people, good or evil, comes back 3 times.


    Many people would like to be Christians but the ministers of the churches have failed to teach.
    For example; many pagans are delighted that people claiming to be Christian celebrate the devils festival of Halloween, and most people confuse the glorious Resurrection of the Christ with a pagan Goddess called Easter. When the devil boasted the could mislead the entire inhabited earth it was not an idle boast.

    No, calling yourself a Christian makes you no more Christian (or credible) than standing in your garage makes you a car. It's putting your words into action and backing up your claim that makes you credible.


    Absolutely! You must be doers of the word says James.
    When was the last time a Christian knocked at you door and offered to teach you the bible

    Not at all.

    Randy you planted the seed.Don't debate with satans people.All you need to do is plant the seed.It's up to them to accept it.

    Headless Man

    Thanks, you're right, but sometimes I want to water a little. Love Randy


    @papa peg, are you implying anyone who doesn't believe in God are "satans people"?

    Look at your history! Some of the most vile and despicable genocides have been committed in in the name of the Meek and Gentle Christ. Crusades, inquisitions, 100 years war, 30 years war. WWI & II
    How about the American civil war? or the English war of the roses.
    Montgomery said he would rather go into battle without his tanks that without his clergy.
    He also said, 'You never find an atheist in a fox hole.'
    and his troops said 'Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!'

    What is credible about 37,000 different sects calling themselves Christian. Yet they all insist the have the true religion.

    We all all an aspect of God or else we would not be experiencing humanity, and, the operative "spirit" of the creative "aspect of God" is Free-Will, endowed to us by the Creator. Therefore, the only thing that equals Credibiity is Chacracter"--and, one's Character is the same, when seen or unseen.


    whats ur proof? where did god say such thing?


    The Bible says in Genesis 1:26-27; "Then God said, 'Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over...all the creatures...So God created man in His own image, in the image of
    God He created him; male and female He created them." Of course, if you aren't a believer, you will say poppycock to anything the Bible tells you. Those who have faith believe otherwise.

    Actions speak louder than words ever can......
    Indeed there is much bias coming from those caught in the tar pit of fundamentalism, no different than any other worldly tradition. All right and all wrong, the demonstration; Hypocricy.

    yeah but cristens also have pagan believe, becuz they worship the spirit in a man( jesus) just like the pagans claimed they worship the spirit in the idols they made of stone.

    meaning jesus him self as a man is a creation but the spirit is god, and the pagans believe the idols of stone are creation but the spirit in the idols is what they worship. same thing.

    except if they say they are or support muslim believe becuz muslim believe is that non has the right to be worshiped except god and he is high above his creation.
    The Self Sufficient Master, Whom all creatures need, He neither eats nor drinks
    He begets not, nor was He begotten
    And there is none co-equal or comparable to Him


    Our gods are not made of stone. The stone figures of our gods among other symbols represent them, just as your god is represented by the cross. Our gods live in the higher world as well.


    yes u worship god trough these stones right? just like the christens worship so cold spirit of god in Jesus and Jesus him self was a man who is created( a creation) just like ur stones. so there is no difference in reality.

    papa peg

    You might be a pagan.But NOT ME.

    Christians have been put down forever, but once god is in your heart it don't make a difference what you say.

    Headless Man

    You don't really thing I need to explain that do you? Well, it's a feeling, when you accept Christ it is a warm feeling in your heart. I don't mean everyone has the same effect but most churches I've been in would have understood that. I need to realize that not all here would understood that. What I meant when I said "it don't make a difference what you say" you will be truthful and honest. I need to proofread more, sorry. Love Randy


    The mighty being who created the universe and all the stars and galaxies is in your heart is in your heart Randy, and you expect outsiders to take you seriously. With all due respect do you think it is possible you and your associates have got something wrong.

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