ticking sound from engine

    1980 camero z28 350 engine making ticking sound when accelerating

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    Check your oil level. Do it before you get your engine hot again or you're in for some serious damage.

    thanks...I'll do that first thing in the morning. Checked wires, none were touching. had a problem with valve cover gasgets (1) fixed it , but noticed sound on the way to work this morning , or , yesterday rather .

    If you had to replace your gasket, that means you were probably losing oil. You don't want to seize your engine so make sure you get oil in tomorrow morning.

    when checking oil level , it doesn't quite look right. doesn't quite cover dip stick like normal . shows oil in it , but top side of stick looks...almost thin, if you can imagin that .

    Yes, I can imagine that. If you haven't had an oil change recently, then your oil should be dark to black. That's what you want to go by. The thin look could just be oil residue from drawing the dipstick out of it's "tube".

    Also... I'm noticing a very short burst of very light smoke upon starting the engine . not the initial start for the day , mind you ..., but like after running for 5 to 10 minutes , I stop at the store or something ,... crank back up and ........

    Smoke from the engine? Do you smell burning oil? You're still leaking oil somewhere if you smell burning oil. The ticking is definitely your lifters. Not enough oil.
    Lifters will make that ticking sound when cold but should stop after oil gets flowing.. Also are you sure this is not a 'pinging' sound? You have an 80, so I assume it has a carburetor, also its at a time when chips were a hit and miss. Your 350 engine was designed to run on 'super'.. Highest octane. if you are trying to save a few pennies at the pump by getting middle or low grade then you may be hearing a pinging.. pre-detonation. This can cause damage if you continue using the cheaper gas. If that's the case..

    Also this car is old so I'm not surprised you aren't hearing more sounds.. You may need a valve job, there's so many things that can make a ticking noise on an old engine.

    was told that one of the lifters may not be getting the right amount of oil too
    I would be a little concerned about the "look" of the oil on the dipstick. You mentioned it looked thin on the top. You sure its not getting water into the oil?
    OH, BTW!! I just read where you say the engine had a 'total rebuild' recently, this means that your engine is new, also means it needs a break-in period while new parts acclimate to their new home, during the break -in process its also normal to hear tapping noises.. Actually all kinds of noises, cracking, pinging.. So just maybe it needs a few miles to sort itself out-- As your rebuilder about this as well.

    A little bit of lifer noise is normal for 350, I have a 350 in mine too but it's much newer so some changes have probably been made. I notice on mine that it makes this sound during the warming process but I must listen closely because I have a Borla exhaust system on it, it rumbles a bit. So another question to you is during the rebuilding process, did you also have a new exhaust system installed, its a long shot but maybe its that you can hear engine noises now where before the exhaust note was too loud.. This is a long shot though..

    Also the fact that your mechanic says : one lifter and also a rebuild it could simply be adjusting that one lifter-- That shouldn't be that difficult..

    hey you know what...? You sound like my "Advisor" :) . But seriously..., the only thing about that first part of your response is that , the engine has been in since about a year now . I plan to go by my buddy's place on my way in to make sure it's not just a figment of my imagination playing here . But i don't think it is . I drive this car daily so I know the difference , know what i'm saying ? This guy , my Advisor , is really good . Used to be the lead performance engine builder at a spot in Houston tx. He generally gives me good sound advice at the job . Speaking of which , I gotta get going . Got home at 3 am and headed back out til at least 2 am. I do plan to check back in with you guys later today , so any and all advice I will welcome . And I will update all of you later with what i learn. Thanks again for the time (from all of you). Have a blessed day
    really?!? tranny fluid ?!?! That's definately a new one.... Well , one thing is for sure ; oil level looks good . aside from what I said earlier , that is . in laymans lingo , what does a valve job entail ? Mind you , the problem that I initially described , is only after I've driven the car for a short time . Also , when i stop ( at light &/or stop sign ) I do not hear it . car doesn't have same get up and go either! is it possible that one of the spark plug wires broke down from within but not showing? they are kinda close to manifold etc....
    would too much oil have an effect? like described????
    sure hope not
    not sure....
    Thanks... hey, you guys are great !!!! appreciate all the input . will definately let you know the results too

    I wish you best of luck and I hope the issue is resolved for little money. :)

    Remember to only check the oil when the engine is cold. This gives the best and most accurate reading and insures you do not over fill your oil.
    SO , maybe I should just change the oil altogether...? I am over due , to be honest. I'm learning with this car . Plan to give to step son as graduating gift next year . about 80% done with restoration. Just had ac redone.

    Yes, before you start it in the morning, check oil level. Add what you need. Check again in a day and see where the level is at. If it looks like it's down by even a half a quart, it's definitely losing oil and you will need to have it checked for where it's losing it. I would not get the oil changed until you find out if it's leaking or not.
    so " BEFORE " I even crank car in the morning , check the oil level , is that correct???
    just had entire engine re-done by very reputable establishment. like I say , sound just started yesterday morning . although , I do recall , when I did add oil , I didn't "immediately" hear the sound . it wasn't til I drove a few miles down the road that I'd hear it again . Then I decided to skip work and go have the valve cover gasket replaced.

    How much oil did you add? If only a quart it may have not been enough once the oil got dispersed through the engine. The ticking started after the oil was spread through the engine.

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