Have you ever run a red light?

    It happens. But who are the guilty?

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    Just a few times. But only on purpose.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Nice answer Bacon, a thumbs up for you!

    I have, 1 time and it was a conscious decision. I was on my way home from the hospital after spending hours with my grandfather. He was extremely ill at the time and I was worrying about him on the way home so I wasn't really concentrating on my driving. I was doing about 40 mph when I saw the red light just as I was about 3 feet from the stop line. I could have slammed on the breaks but the road was wet and I didn't want to chance sliding or losing control so I just slowed the best I could looking to the right and left hoping no one was coming (no one was) and proceeded through the intersection. Scared the heck out of me. I kept my mind on my driving after that and waited til I got home to continue worrying about gramps.

    The ones that get caught.

    papa peg

    Only when i had two good legs

    Yes I have several times. Especially ones that when I look left&right and I don't see any on-coming traffic.

    Oh aye i've done it heaps of times thou its either racing the flashing amber as it turns red or when in a long cue and the lights go red as the car in front goes through then i may just tag along anyway as there's at least 20~30 secs from my light going red to the other changing green.I wouldnt drive through a light thats already red when i get to it.The one time i was sat at a red then went thru stead of waiting for them to change was at 3am,not another vehicle insight except the cop car that rounded the bend 30 yards behind me just as i went thru.3 points n ?60 fine.

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