i explosive by min in the afghnistan and i ned to insurance plese helpe me

    i worked with doynecorp campany during the worke min explosive on my and my right hand and my right eye conot worke and my company told my we canot give your insurance pleas helpe me
    whow Ican take my insurance ?

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    you must contact your company, if you were an employee, they are liable for your safety. I am so sorry that you were injured doing a valuable job, and i wish you well. As i said it is your employer that is responsible for you, and you should contact them, or find a solicitor who can do it on your behalf. It depends on what you were employed as, what were the conditions you were acting under, whether you were employed by the company, or whether you wer employed as a `self employed`, and what documents you signed. you cannot claim for your injuries with another insurance company aftyer the injuries have happened.

    I wish you all the luck in the world my dear friend.


    bobby uk

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