Does Islam = Terrorism?

    The media and the government can be quite harsh in labeling people, or are they correct?

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    The religion of peace?? No way. It's just some sort of bizarre coincidence that one of the pillars of their faith is convert or destroy. Just the damndest thing that they're always linked with some sort of terrorist activity. Well.. at least they believe in getting stoned!


    i think your info needs correction my friend.
    convert or destroy is not a pillar of the faith of Islam. Islam means peace - check it out. Just as there are terroists in Christianity- ala IRA) there are individuals who are Muslims who do those evil acts. But you can't paint aBillion muslims as terroists can you be fair? I was told this by an English cab driver in London. To educate himself, he showed me the Koran.
    No I don't think Islam in itself is terrorism but I do think the terrorism exist in the walls of Islam. Nobody can argue this point. It is not Islam the religion, its the 'radical Islamics' that are the problem, they hide behind their religion and unfortunately good Muslims/Islamics take the heat. what I don't understand is that although there are good ones, why do they not condemn those that are bad?? I have not ever seen or heard of this. The was we fight against these people is not like any war we have ever been in, there's no ethics of war, no Geneva Convention policies, they don't even have a uniform, they hide behind children and they use our morals and ethics to fightt against us.. We in the free world could very well lose this 'war' against terrorism and radical Islamics..

    (and please don't being up Timothy McVeigh-one against hundreds is no contest)
    no money is real terrorism.
    terrorism has no relation with any religion .IT results from political systems...

    Worst than the word "terrorism", is that Islam equals "Sharia Law", making it legal to rape and Kill women and children, making it OK to cut of hands of those who may only be quilty of hunger, making it alright to kill those who don't believe in their god with a small (g), Allah. Tell me, is that terror enough for you?...There's plenty more where that comes from, within Sharia Law.

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