Heaven or Hell? Which is more fun?

    Hell is seen as a place of suffering because it is a place w/o god. Heaven is seen as a pious place of pleasure because you bask in the light with god and w/o sin.

    Taking that into account, being that sin, like sugary chocolate, can be just as tempting and pleasurable as the light, would'nt Hell be a place where people could escape the pious lifestyle and sin freely? I hear angels don't have sex organs..

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    as gay man ,iam already going to hell ... but thats ok , if iam going to be in a bad place i would like my lover and all my friends to be there so i could love and support them and they could support me......maybe that would be heaven in hell?



    I'm with username. All my straight friends are going to hell too. We plan on taking it over and they've decided to put me in charge because I'm a lesbian and have a bigger sin than they do, lol

    I'd like to decide AFTER reviewing the activities list of both destinations.

    God will not have anything pleasurable on Earth, that is not available, and even more pleasurable in His Heaven, without the "deceit" of Lucifer--Too much chocolate make one obese, Too much sin deceives mankind.

    It would be fun for a while, I could play develish tricks as much as I liked. And then, of course, I would go to heaven and watch Randy in hell, and see how much fun he was having!

    I saw a guy on t.v. that went to hell for twenty-three minutes, doesn't sound like much fun at all. He wrote a book on it maybe you could check it out?

    That is one hell of a question and heaven knows the answer I don`t.

    HELL wont be a endless party you will be alone forever in darkness
    and fire in a never ending nightmare that doesn't sound like fun to me!Heaven will be a place of light plus it is not hot. What ever
    sickness or short comings you have will be gone every thing will be made new and you shall have every thing you have dreamed for
    all time.

    If there's fire, how can there be darkness? What's a worse nightmare than what some people suffer through here on earth? Only the human body feels heat or cold. Bodies stay here after death. Soul does not feel temperatures. Sickness belongs to the body which again stays here. Even if a Soul went to hell, their bodily sickness would not go with them. Personally, I don't believe in hell.

    Can you see in a burning house? an example a lot of smoke making you blind stinging and watering eyes.

    I'd like to go where all my old friends are so I guess Hell it will be!



    Hmmm, OK Randy. Since I have to deal with people not believing I was born to be a lesbian, I'll have to be bigger person here and just believe you really went to hell.

    So why did you go to hell instead of heaven? Do you remember standing before Jesus as he judged you and damned you to hell? I thought once in hell, God wanted nothing more to do with you? Did he reach down to hell and snatch you up? Can you explain how it all went down?



    Headless Man

    Joke, joke, joke, not funny when on your death bed, I know been there and GOD brought me back.

    First how do you know about Angles and sexual organs? Anyways chocolate indulgence is really not a sin and why can't heaven be just as tempting and pleasurable as the light? Who says you can't have fun in heaven? Plus it is not so damn hot!


    Heaven is paradise. Eat, drink, and be merry. I want to go there!!

    Hell you're tourchured and you want to die but you can't and it lasts an eternity. You're being punished for sinning in you're life time.

    Headless Man

    Can't you see this is a joke, a foolish one but still one.....

    I have lost so many loved ones I have to believe theyre "partying" in Heaven

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