My girlfriend is taller than me... Is that bad?

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    No there is nothing with your girlfriend being taller than you. Im taller than my boyfriend. It is not a bad thing dear. Ok? :)
    If she hugs you and her belt buckle leaves an impression on your forehead NO, THATS A GOOD THING. :)
    ole hipster

    Shame! Shame! LMAO (:
    Hell no, nothing wrong there! Just imagine how girls feel with tall or taller than them both ways...depends upon the couple...we're all different in our perspectives...It's not the body that you really want to be concerned's the person in that body and where that person's head is at...(:
    Not if she likes/loves you. And, provided you are not intimidated by her height. Otherwise, who cares!

    Hah, Yeah she still loves me. But she kinda bugs me about it. Shes always like "grow an inch or two" even shes barely taller than me (anymore)

    That is not good and would trouble me. Juvenile of her and hardly supportive of you. Frankly, I would have to question her maturity/sophistication and whether she really appreciates your relationship.

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