trema in most languages is close to umlaut, in spanish it is crema why not standarize the spelling?

    This are linguistic terms, being a student, these inconsistencies of the languages using the Latin alphabet, seem pure cruelty!
    umlaut has to do with the vowel shift. The ü over the u marks the break up of a diphthong or the special sound of gu as in pingüino vs the standard sound of gu as in guitarra.

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    Well niow we all know how smart you are would you please discard, that means get rid of it,your question from this site. This a Q&A meaning one person asks and OTHERS answer or attempt to. It is not You ask You answer smart arse.
    I made the question. English is a language regulated by an Academy.
    French and Spanish are. New words are made as the need arises, old words fade away. The Royal Academy and its Affiliate Academies around the world, are making a superhuman effort to make Spanish intelligible to all Spanish speaking communities wherever their locations: Los Angeles, Miami, New York as well as Mexico, Chile, Peru, The Philippines and other communities. So far so good, but if you look at it from the point of view of scientists, manufactures, financiers, writers, etc. international it is not such a good idea.
    Most of the countries using modified versions of the Latin Alphabets. They make the effort no to deviate from the Latin and even the Greek sources, when it is possible.
    Why Fil?sofo, autoridad, armon?a, cl?sico, Auditorio, estadio!
    Why not philosopho, authoridad, harmonia, classico,Auditorium. Stadium?

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