How do I fix my alignment issue?

    I have a bad tendency of hitting the ball to the right. What am I doing wrong?

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    Try to use your upper body more when you swing. You probably use only arms and the ball tends to slice to the right. With more shoulder turn and proper power transportation, you get it straight. I'll have to see your swing to answer more accurately though.
    If you are talking about a car and have little or no money to spend try taking it to the local high school, most of them have an auto shop class.

    You need to take it to someone that has the equipment to properly replace possibly broken or bent parts, or just someone who can fix you alignment problem.

    If you go to long with a bad alignment, it can wear out your tires much, much, faster than normal. It's best to get it taken care of sooner before it cost you even more money... Hope this helps?

    Thanks Schubee, I thought it was funny???

    Thanks leeroy! Not sure he/she didn't specify what it is. ;)

    Congrats on the 1000 karma, you have some great answers out there, keep up the good work...

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