Is time travel possible, and if so, should it be federally regulated?

    I love shows and movies like Back to the Future and Doctor Who. They make me wonder if Time Travel will ever come about? Will it be regulated by the Government, and which government? For all we know the time lords put an end to the whole thing in regards to humanity...

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    If time travel was possible, we would know now! nothing is incorruptible! some bad ass politician would defo come back to change things in his or her favour.
    as for being federally regulated! that would never happen, maybe china/Asia may impose regulations seeing as they will become the dominant player on this planet soonish.

    Einstein thought it to be possible.. It would be easier to move foward than go back to the past according to some theory.. heres a link, anything is possible...

    Why not they try to regulate everything else and look where it has gotten them and us?

    WHOOPIE!! Time travel sounds like it would definitely be a blast. The only thing that I think would be necessary would be traffic control! I agree with those who think the government should be left out of it!

    Maybe it is possible. But I will tell U this: If the U.S. can regulate it they will.

    When I was a child of five I drew a picture of an event in the future. 10 Years later it actually happened exactly as I drew it. Now did I dream it or did I actually go 10 years ahead of my time. My mom kept all my childhood pictures and I was able to view them at the age of 15 I was doing that which I drew and it hit me like a rock in the face.

    Oh, for Pete's Sake, NO. Here we have a suggestion for federal control on something that doesn't even exist yet.


    But that's the point. It doesn't exist YET.

    yes i am actually from 2147. i come back every now and then to hit the lottery. milk is 47.00 a liter. we quit using gas in 2093-2097. you can still get it though at 260.00 a liter. every land mass is ruled by the u.s.a which has 56 states now and 14 more teritories. gold is nearly worthless as massive veins were uncovered in 2101 and 2112 and the extraction process is simple. silver is a lot more in demand now. it is over 3500 an ounce. cloning and near perfect artificial humans (a.i.h.33's) are everywhere teens get these before hoverbiles. (magnetic cars that hover. like george jetson) yes we still watch old t.v its a fad. all electronic devices are all 1 unit as small as a new dollar. ( a round coin comparable in size to a 20th century nickle) if you want more info transmit it to me. or should i say electronic vintage mail.. e mail.. gregorious


    That's great. Take me to your leader ;D

    papa peg

    Greg you ever think when you come back again.We could get you to appear on saturday night live

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