Was Obama's speech in Brownsville, TX, just a campaign speech? Is he strategically working on the Latin vote?

    I watched the speech and I though he did a great job. He is a gifted speaker, no doubt. But, less than 5% of the fence has been completed, he has his facts wrong. Do you think the speech was just going after the Spanish vote?

    I think the mote and alligators comment was funny, but insulting towards the GOP, I believe the Republicans have it right that we need a fence, we only catch 1 out of every 4 illegal immigrants.

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    I don't think Obama ever hid the fact that he is going after Latino voters..

    What i don't understand is this morning i was listening to the local left talking points, they claim that the illegals are down by 1 million.. so instead of 12 mil, we now have 11 mil..

    My question is, how do they know the numbers?? I never could figure this out.. And now they claim its down by one million.. HOW DO THEY GET THESE NUMBERS?? They're illegal, I doubt they will stand and be counted..

    Very good point, I left another comment on your answer.
    Vinny you have a great point the real number is probably (at least) double or triple of the number that the government is giving to the public.

    I read or spoke to someone recently who had a company that checked the legal status of all the job applicants. He said that 30% of all the applicants had phony paperwork. It is more than likely that the real number of illegals in this country is a ridiculous number that the government is to embarrassed to admit to.

    Or possibly they are just covering up the truth as usual? Something needs to be done and Washington (as usual) is sitting back and waiting for the next election to see if that will be a more rewarding time for their party, to fix things.

    Politicians are still making the usual mistakes of not fixing anything, we really need to have a big turnout in the next election, and vote most of the congress out. Not to mention Obama.
    By using the same calculator Joe Biden used when he said he and Obama would create 2 million new jobs if elected in 2008.

    Oh yeah, that one...
    This guy is a gifted speaker, I really enjoyed this speech, even though I know that it's a complete line of bs, you have to give him credit for this one.

    I can see how he will have a chance in the next election, it's a scary thought what will happen to this country if he is given a second term.
    Frankly I'm getting tired of his idiotic comments like the alligator remark. Get serious and do your job. Wonder how many days he'll be out of the office not doing his job but campaigning instead?

    Pretty much most of them, I'm sure... It's to bad that Washington's still not getting anything done, they're to busy fighting amongst them selves to save the country.

    It seems like most of them are waiting for the next election and they're to worried that if they accomplish something it will make the other party look good. So besides the Idiot president, we have the idiot congress problem as well, thanks for the good comment Ed.

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