i am 70 and had a prostate "bore out" 15 mths ago my bladder is still erratic eg at night 8/9 times one night then 2/3 next night sleep deprivation a problem surgeon suggested bladder maybe scarred any advice ???

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    Check out this link, it has natural treatments and remedies for the bladder.

    Hope this will help, let us know.
    A catheter and bag is not as bad as it sounds. You can get sleep.
    It's normal to have incontinence with prostate problems. The only way your bladder could get scared is through radiation, unless you have had a bladder infection in the past.. Even then, how would that make you get up all night long?

    There's a S curve to the urethra, when the do radical prostectomy, this S is pulled straight, it helps in keeping fluids from escaping the bladder, when the pull this straight it creates incontinence but this usually goes away after a few months, sometimes longer.-- Just don't drink before retiring..

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