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    I have been feeling this burning sensation in my stomach for a while now and I always feel like I want to throw up. Am not sure what the problem is. I need some help please!

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    Since probably no one in here is a qualified physician and even if they were you would still need to have tests done, my best guess is to have an upper GI as you most proably have acid reflux or something of that nature and it needs to be seen about and treated professionally.

    Go and ask the Doctor not a lot of untrained people. Sounds like chronic indigestion or hiatus hernia. It could be nothing or could be serious. Check it out with the DOCTOR!

    r u pregnant :p might be indigestion...., allergy from certain food ....., maalox or tums shud help both r over da counter meds ;)

    I had the same problem, it got worse and worse till one day i collapsed in school. After spending a month in hospital and countless xrays and test's they confirmed that is was crohns disease. It would be worth a shot asking your gp is this is a possibility and get tested. The test to look for it is only getting blood taken its nothing. GOOD LUCK !

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