In what year did the Twin Towers incident take place?

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    It's an important day to remember 9/11/01.
    How do you forget something like that?

    Have we another under-age guest?


    it appear that you got so into bashing me for my question as if its so "obvious" that you forgot to give me an answer as others so politely did. Thanks anyways

    promexbiker, it wasn't intended to be unkind, and I am still wondering how old you are.

    There has been so much in the news about Bin Ladan that, even if you were too young to remember 9/11 surely you must have realised WHY your country took the action that it did and killed him?

    There have been reruns of plane hitting the Twin Towers on television in the UK so I am sure they have been shown in the US too.

    It was the most appalling act of terrorism since... frankly, the only comparison I can think of is the treatment of prisoners in the death camps run by the SS in WW2.

    Men and women were forced to work, knowing when they were too weak they would be gassed.

    A lot of the people in those building knew they were going to die... some of the most heart-rending stories were about mobile calls to say goodbye to partners, lovers and families.

    Are you really surprised that I was shocked into asking how anyone could forget? Or that I wondered if you are too young to be on this site at all?

    Don't forget Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941, this was way before my time, I'm pretty sure I got the date correct, my point is it's history and way before my time, but I still did learn the date, I believe...

    I wasn't born until the 70's, so I see your point. I just know that kids will be kids, but this is a date that every American should know, actually both of them.

    It is, and schools should make sure pupils are told these things. I presume they study modern kistory as a subject, or have general studies, in the US?

    Whether they do or not surely a good teacher would be fielding questions from his or her class when something like this has dominated world news?
    Twice, Google it...
    I believe many of the younger people on this site and people from other countries that didn't loose any citizens from their countries, may not remember the date.


    Thank you for your vote but I find that difficult to believe, leeroy.

    At any other time, perhaps. But not when coverage of the death of Bin Laden has been worldwide, including reruns of film of the terrorist act.

    If the questioner is as young as I suspect, and from his words, almost certainly American, what are his teachers thinking of, and his, or her, parents?

    That is another huge problem in this country, our school systems. I sure hope that they have added this to our history books. You know kids, yes they should know this date, but realistically probably some of them don't.

    Usually it's just referred to as 9-11, not 9-11-01 as far as I know.

    Yes. 9/11 is the way I think of it, but the point was made over and over that it had taken almost 10 years to track down Bin Laden.

    I suppose we should be grateful this youngster was interested enough to put the question at all.

    Education standards seem to have hit an all-time low... or I hope they have. They surely can't get much worse, and that is not a dig at America. They are equally poor here.

    My job editing books would take me a fraction of the time per typescript if the writers had a grasp of basic grammar and puncuation.

    My mom went to Catholic school, and she has a rhyme for every grammar and spelling rule you can think of, I think this would be a great way for some kids to learn the rules of grammar. It's a shame that schools don't use as effective teaching methods as they have in the past.

    I suppose it could always get worse, I sure hope not though, it's pretty pathetic already.

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