Electric vs gas.

    I can work out how much a kettle, light bulb,tv, uses in pounds.

    But when it comes to gas, we know nothing.

    How much does it cost to boil a kettle of water,
    how much does it cost to run my centrol heating boiler on full ?

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    Well I truly do not have an answer for you in the technical way you have asked I can only answer from experience in this way. One home I had was very well insulated and it was total electric and I was on budgeted billing and I found it to be very somewhat economical to heat and cool, but since I lived too far away from work (1 way trip over 65 miles every day and gas cost became prohibitive) I had to find what I could find which is an older apartment very close to work and it is not well insualted and is on gas heat and I find gas heat (natural gas) to be a whole lot more expensive. Hope this helps you but do not quite know if that is the answer you are looking for or not?

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