how to swallow large pills

    Such as calcium and klor-con

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    To petapal: These pills get stuck when swallowing them. I do break them in half.

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    The problem with swallowing large pills is that we think we have to fill our mouth with water and then throw our head way back so the pill will go down. Actually, throwing your head back causes the esophagus to close, and the pill gets stuck. Keep your head level, fill your mouth with water, put the pill in your mouth and swallow. Should work just fine; if not, see a doctor - you might have an obstruction.
    Some pills are coated and should not be cut in half. Speak to the pharmacist and see if there's a way to get the pills in a smaller form.
    I was going to say surround it in peanut butter or hamburger, but that's the trick to get dogs to take their medicine. lol... Just kidding, you already have some good suggestions, Colleen's and Donajo's look like the best answers.
    I used to have a problems with them too; but here's some simple solutions-----
    1. break them up and mix pieces in ice cream ,applesauce, pudding, yogurt, or whatever turns you on
    2. or , put it way back on the back of your tonge. Take a drink of liquid, tip your head back and swallow
    3. It it's a big capsule, puncture a hole in it, and squeeze out the contents onto pudding or into juice and eat or drink it.
    4. If it's a capsule with powder or sprinkly things inside, open it, put it in pudding, or a beverage and eat or drink it.
    I've almost choked on large pills. I crush them.

    crush'em up and swallow it. 

    Mix them with yogurt, pudding or applesauce.
    duh,lets see if i cut them in half they would be smaller hmmh..

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