Where is my birth mother Brenda Logan from HARLEM.NY

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    Could American site members please fill in the gaps in this information. Thank you.

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    PLEASE be very careful. It is just possible someosne on the site may know a lady of that name, but not likely.

    If you old enough... (it's 18 in the UK... I'll add a note for somebody to check that in the US) You can find out the name and details of your birth mother and trace her.

    Think before you contact her. There could be all sorts of reasons why she did it but giving up a child is the hardest decision any woman has to make,and it is almost always done with love... wanting a better life for her baby than she could offer.

    Time has moved on and so has her life. She may have met, perhaps married, a man who loves her. Suppose she hasn't told him about you? There are ways of making contact and again, American site members can advise how to do it discreetly.

    If you are younger, who is caring for you now? Talk to them, but think carefully. If you've been adopted or long-term fostered these people love you. They will understand you want to know your birth mother, but don't make them feel unloved and worthless.

    Take care, and good luck.

    Sounds good to me. 18 is the age here also.

    Thanks Colleen

    Do you know if there is an organisation in the US who helps 18+ people in this situation?

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