Do You Think We Are Prepared For Al-Qaida Terror Plots?

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    It takes money to plot and plan against the USA. I hope the Koch brothers is not one of the financiers.

    The USA is one of the financiers. Look at the billions we send over seas to countries that hate us.
    I'm more prepared for our government to continue to lie to us that al-Qaeda has plots against us. They are using that farce to keep the people scared, confused and running in circles or hiding in their homes waiting for a terrorist attack. This keeps the Freedom act, which Homeland Security is derived from, alive. All the better to take away the rights of the American people. Next it will be martial law. Where do we draw the line and stop the government from taking our freedoms away? I do not believe al-Qaeda has the kind of power the government wants us to believe it has. My opinion and I'm sticking to it.

    Maybe you are right, just another scare tactic!!!

    With all the money they are using for homeland securty and the like they schould be. But who knows what the government is really doing. One thing I know for sure. Our country is a mess.

    I hope so but it makes me worried that I dont think they can be the whole World is mainly on alert and I think this is the way of life now!

    No we are not prepared there are too many ways for terrorest to attack us including this scerenio Keep the USA on high alert and spend spend spend pretty soon they will be broke, their economy wrecked and in shambles, they don't have to knock down buildings and blow up things playing mind games with us is a very effective method

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