i have preminition dreams that come true is there any body else who does

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    If you are totally serious with your question then I'll a child from adolescence and on I had a recurring dream of being in a burning room and seeing a bucket of water outside of my bedroom door that I could not get to...always, perhaps thankfully, awakening before the dream/nightmare was "finished" make a long story short...when I was 17 I was actually in that situation (house burning down around me and my parents) and our pet Black Lab woke me up just in time to run in the frontroom and scream for my folks to get out before everything was engulfed in flames..Thus, I'm a believer!

    i was totally serious i have dreams as and when something is going to happen which relates to someone i know i always tell somebody and they are always amazed its usually 1wk to a month before and the dreams r so detailed
    ole hipster

    Sorry...just saw your comment....yeah..those dreams are freaky I bet especially for you if you have them often...makes me think you might be a tad psychic also. (:
    Too many to list. Just proof to me that we plan the lives we enter into. Everything is preplanned. Those who believe this get the chance to see things before they happen to have the chance to prepared accordingly. Life does not have to be one huge question mark. The answers are all out there. They are everywhere, not all grouped together in one set place. Only an open mind will find them.
    ole hipster

    Hey there Colleen..what's shaking?

    What's shaking...umm probably a couple of threads on this forum, lol Still have a couple of people trying to save me that I've been having verbal conflicts with and now another trying to dictate when and where I can mention my sexuality. People are interesting to say the least ;) How's things with you my friend? I was thinking about you yesterday. I hadn't seen you post and I was hoping all was well and you were just taking some down time. Maybe I just missed your posts.

    i pray for colleen at least 2 times a day but i know the only one that can save colleen is colleen all i ask in my prayers is that one day she will find peace in my savior.answer to the ? ithink the bible says that young men have dreams and old men have visions i

    Dwayne, get over yourself. Your selfishness in ignoring my request to respect my beliefs is making you look like a religious sick ego maniac. As you said, your savior,not mine. I do not need saving because I do not selfishly infringe on anothers right to believe and live as they feel is right for them. No one needs to be saved. There's nothing to be saved from. You make the farce of needing to be save real by believing in it. Your voodoo prayers will not work on me. I am protected from the negative influence of them.
    ME!! Once I dreamed of falling out of bed, when I woke up i was on the floor...
    I believe that I mentioned this elsewhere on this site before but when I was a child I dreamed that I saw a newspaper headline that read "Kennedy... killed". I found out when I was in school that the president was shot and subsequently died that day.

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