WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why is it the people of America believe what our government is telling us? They are out for themselves and them alone. They tell you what you want to hear, and you believe it. It is time for everyone to wake up and smell what the government is shoveling.

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    This country needs a revolution. I am one face in a body of people that would like to see one happen. If you really research into what the government is actually doing, it would make you sick. They are creating an out of military, MILITARY. That's no double typing. They are starting it with the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Police are actually handing out wallet sized cards, with the police's number, to kids so they can rat on the parents for doing simple things such as leaving the water on at night. This government is crazy now. The middle class is suffering and they don't care. That's why I am trying to gather up a mass of people to start a revolution. It's for the people, and it will most definitly be by the people.

    Sticking together is easy with love in your soul, spread it everywhere, and we will
    all be free. =] Love your enemies.

    Holy Mary, Mother of God. I cannot believe what I just read. It seems that fx_mann has a slight problem with a race issue. Yea I'm a white middle class 55+ year old male that lives in AMERICA. I pay my Taxes to a government that ain't worth a crap just because I'm forced to, I am a registered voter, I obey the laws as set forth, and Believe in the Constitution of the United States. I am a Veteran with an Honorable Discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States. I have seen friends die in Vietnam and watched as fellow service members fall in the first Gulf War. All for what? For you to make that crackpot statement? You have not gotten over the point that we are all HUMAN BEINGS FIRST and that the color of ones skin does not matter. The point of the matter is the difference between a political objective and a religious ideologue. Get the difference? Or do you need to be schooled more?

    They treat us like bad little kids that need told what to do or not do and we vote them in office if they promise to give, give, give, but from were do they get, us. This cycle can't last. Trouble is a coming.

    I do smell what they are shovling out, I daily try to think and pray of ways to help but it is going to take all of us sticking together and I do not see that happening as people do not try to stick together anymore it is more about tearing others apart.

    Greatest country in the world. The people that want to "Rise Up" and start a revolution will be met by people like ME who will defend our way of ANY COST. Go for it.

    The problem is that people are not scared they will be put in prison for their actions. WELFARE to lazy people - the same people that voted for obama, should be stopped. They should be drug tested for any govt assistance. Welfare put in the agriculture bills is the biggest croc ive ever heard of. People need to support themselves , not rely on the govt to support them.

    Roger Willcoe

    No disrespect intended but imo Obama didn't start the Military Industrial Complex he's just a puppet to them like Bush, Clinton, Bush etc.
    People should support themselves because that's part of there power structure, as long as they get their govt. subsidies they refuse or don't care enough to worry or do anything about the fifth column steamroller intentionally destroying this country and those of the world to gain total control of the planet. Something that's never happened before in known history.

    Your right mchllemay, they've been playing the divide and conquer card since time began to keep the eyes elsewhere and retain power over weak minds.

    If you believe in politic ,listen and read anything that they wrote you must be crazy////

    It seems to me all people stick together except white people

    papa peg

    White people aren't driving by shooting their own people.How many people in the middle east.Stone and behead their own people.I think were doing good so far.


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