How do i reduce the THC content in my blood.

    I quit a week ago and they informed me now that they want a blood test. I need to reduce the content because if im as positive as i am now then they'll never believe me that i quit. I'm 160 lb's, 5'11. Basicly how to reduce/remove it from blood and how long it will stay in my blood. Thanks

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    What you're all druggies. No wonder the site is a comedy.
    It is different for every person. Why not get your own blood test done before your test and see if it registers?
    if you really quit THC, as you claimed, then why are you afraid of being tested.
    i can eat will clear in 72 hours.
    ok, fool proof system.
    i use this my self. you have 2 pee it out and the best way 2 do that is not only 2 drink water, but also vinagar. i dring 3-4 cups of water, then 2 shots of viniger, then 2 cups of water. within 1-3 hrs, you will be mostly clean. if you wait up 2 a day, u will be tottally clean. if you dont have viniger, pickle juice works as well.
    hope this helps...

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