Does it hurt to die?

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    If you discount accidents, and you do, accept Ann's answer.

    Sadly, despite claims by charlatans, nobody who has died has come up with an answer. Having lived to see 88 years approaching fast and like many others of my age, faced a painful death in the years 1939 to 1945 on a daily basis. Let me say personally I suffered much pain, including 18 months of hospitalisation. In 1944 there were no antibiotics, only one surgeon capable of rebuilding a broken body, Archie McIndoe, he could not treat every injury. The rest of us were put to bed, survived on what food was available, rationing hit every life, we either got better or death released us from more suffering. So to answer the question. NO, dying is, after that, decades later, those who did suffer have had time to forget. I have been dying ever since the end of WW2, it has not been painful, I did not expect it to be. Soon that Great Umpire in the Sky will lift his finger and give me "out". I hope for a quiet peaceful walk to the pavillion. carrying my bat with pride, a good innings, not a great score to show, but the game was fun to play. Pain is only in the mind when it happens, time heals and it is soon forgotten.
    Face your inevitable end, you might suffer pain on the way but death is final, the pain will have gone.

    Good point, the pain is when you are alive, once your dead the pain is gone, to some of us that is a relief when a loved one passes, we sometime say,"Well, at least he or she's not in pain anymore."
    how could it not hurt, besides the pain your trading one life for another
    If someone has cancer or some kind of other disease they will give them morphine before they die. There is no Pain when they pass on.
    I have had Illnesses where I almost died and it was very painful, until they gave me medication, so like everyone else said,"It depends on what the cause is." I would like to just go in my sleep, where I don't feel it, I hope.

    Likewise here leeroy.

    Yes, pain is terrible, I wake up with it everyday. Laurie Mac has quite an interesting answer...
    Depends on how you die - fire, accident - I'm sure it hurts.

    Of course those deaths would be painful. I am not that stupid, but, if dying at home or in hospital, in coma, etc. does the process of dying hurt?
    If you OD probably not. If you fall into a wood chipper hell yes. The pain could start moments later when you find yourself in a very very hot place.
    Death is not painful getting there can be, life can be a pain in more ways than one but ounce you die if your ready no pain in Heaven. Make sure you're ready you can know.
    A natural death is not painful, the amazing human body shuts down on step at a time, usually starting with the kidneys, when your blood becomes contaminated, you go to sleep, then after this, different organs begin their shut down, its painless. Much like going to sleep at night, you just don't wake up this time.

    If the body is injured as in an auto accident, the body will go into pain as it is telling you something bad had happened and this is the spot on my body that needs attention, if it is too serious, and the pain is great, the body will go into a coma state and then if serious enough, the body will shut down and the injured person dies. Death is not torture, death is part of living and nobody should be afraid of it. we fear losing our families, friends and cool things but when you are on your last breath, you 'probably' won't even think of this due to the body's amazing way of protecting us all through life, and including death.

    (Insert religious addendum here) :)
    You go first, then come back and let us know.

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