How do I get to see my grandchildren after a three year disagreemene with daughter-in-law

    took care of children for 10 year before this happened - I really need help

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    I had a similar situation with my mother after my first born.She was a 2pack a day smoker and an alcoholic. She smelled like an ash tray and every time she touched my baby he smelled the same way. But my main concern was the carcinogens embedded in her clothes that my infant son had to inhale each time she picked him up. All I asked her to do was to not smoke before and during her visits but this was too much for her to comply. So I ceased all contact with her for the health of my baby. In return, she threatend to take me to court because of what she called Grandparents Rights.( We never had to go to court). If you are unable to make ammends with your daughter-in-law then this is a course of action you may have to take in order to see your grandkids again however, this may put even a bigger strain on the relationship with your daughter-in-law. I do hope that you guys can work all this out. (To all you smokers out there, I was a smoker myself and so I hope you don't think I am judging you because I'm not. I still crave cigs and guess I always will.

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