hoe do i rip a cd onto my laptop

    i want to store my cds on my laptop how do i catagarise them and store them

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    To rip CDs to your computer, the process is a bit different between music and data cds. 

    Music cds: if fyou have a software like iTunes the process is quite easy. Open the software and then insert the CD to your driver. A burn icon will appear next to the cd on the sidebar. After you check that all the cd infor is correct (artist name, track names, order) you can click on that icon and it will rip the cd to your computer and organize everything in a music library. 

    Data cds: Insert the cd to your computer and open it. Make a new folder on your desktop under what name you want. Highlight all the files you want to copy to your computer and copy them to the folder on your desktop. 

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