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    How long will I live?

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    Maxine, how on earth did you ever get 1 karma point?

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    till the day you die.

    Depends on how long God gives you I would think?


    Depends on the chemtrails the usaf sprays on you and whats in them.

    How long do you want to live? Forever? Then you must seek the true meaning of "Life." That certainly sounds like an old standard beatup saying. But it is most profound when speaking of Life and death, for "Life" is everlasting as it is the Presence of Spirit which is God, if I may so bold as to use the reference. THis everlasting Spirit is in all things. In men it is the Soul, the body is its worldly transport. it is the transient or passing part. For where there is Life there is not death. death is a lie! DEath simoly resides the the activity of Life on its journey through "the matter world, the Existence or the Eternity, the time sphere. THis activity or action of Life is in the "living" of it. Death resides in that aspect. the journey or adventure of the soul is simply over, the activity ceases. The activity of Life is in the Living of it. Be of good cheer Life goes on, your life is everlasting if you make it so. My God bless you with understanding ;)

    The average life expectancy of a female is 88, however you could help or hinder with lifestyle, diet etc ,you could also get unlucky and get run over tomorrow ! Don't forget to look right then left!

    i will die.......we all will die

    When the Boss upstair call your name , your gone at the blink of an eye.meantime don;t worry be happy and tomorrow may never come.

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