I desperitely need some dental work done but I have no insurance and my credit is not good. Is there a dentist that will take payments from me and do the work?

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    most dentists let you make payments . However, like my dentist, they might sign you up with a credit card. Then they get their money right away, and you make payments to the credit card company----which is usually owned by a bank.
    Or, if you live near a large university, you can go there to get your teeth fixed. It's a lot cheaper. A lot of people around here go to the University of Michigan Dental School to get their teeth fixed.
    Try writing to some dentists. How about dental schools? Don't they need people for the students to practice upon?
    Where I live in Chicago you are pretty much screwed if you need dental work and haven't the money for it...all you can do is find a dentist who will take payments in your area or go to a "county" hospital like here (and that's pretty much all that we have!)and they will do tooth extractions and give you a referral to a dentist to boot..not the best answer you want to hear and I'm sure that perhaps in your area of the country you can probably learn more just by googling your question....good luck (:
    eggplant is right try dentalschools or county health department
    try saving up your momey ,if you have a job,if you don"t,get one.

    by the time she "saves up her money " , the teeth will be abscessed. And when/ if an abscess goes into the blood stream , that can kill someone without IV antibiotics for 4 or 5 days.
    Make some calls and ask the office administrator. Also, if you can locate a dental college, often schools will charge nothing if you are a willing participant as a patient for the dental students.

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