whats the longest youve ever waited for the "right" answer to a question?

    all my questions have been answered pretty quickly but suppose you wanted to know something and the first few answere were more sort of sympathy or just funny. how long do you leave it before you post again, maybe in different words?

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    You can bump any question you've asked. Just go to it and type bump in the new question box. Anyone who has forum knowledge will know you're still looking for an answer.
    long enough to forget what my question was in the first place!
    if it's a noteworthy question, i'll wait a while and if not the answer i want ,i ll try again
    I think most of the questions are answered quickly. If you do not want funny answers, rewrite it.
    I never get 'right answers' to my questions.. Where can I go to get me some of these??
    I think I've been here almost from the first month that the site started and some of my questions still haven't gotten the exact answer I was hoping for, but most of them do get some really creative, correct, and funny answers.
    The clock is still ticking.
    When I asked my wife to be to marry me it took nearly 2 seconds to get an answer. lol.....By the way she said Yes. I think she was blessed to get me lol again

    i know soo
    I waited 24 hours for my first question to be answered, probably because I had done a good internet search first.

    Somebody who actually knew the answer gave it to me.

    Signing in the look every hour or so, because I needed to know urgently for my work, was how I started answering questions.

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