Are public school teachers underpaid?

    Many teachers harbor an attitude of being underpaid for their services. Difficult issue because K12 teachers' income is derived from our tax dollars. Perhaps if they were paid by results...

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    Canadian teachers are extremely well paid. As in any other profession, some are not deserving, while others bend over backwards to help their students. I think the better ones should be getting paid more than the others. However, I think that's how it should be on every just isn't.

    No, but i believe they need to be better at their job,,<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>..

    The highest pay I ever received was as a teacher, and I earned every penny of it. The work is never done, and you don't simply "teach". I'll keep this short: MOST teachers are not overpaid. Administrators.....different story.

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    In Aussie bob,we have some teachers coming out of university without high English and Maths skills,and so we have kids coming out of school without the same skills,,that may not be the teachers fault but rather the system,,however there are teachers who believe the 3 (r)s..are important and teach accordingly,,we had a politician who wanted to pay teachers on a performance based wage,,the unions killed that,,i would have thought everyone getting payed on there ability was a fair outcome,,..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    The ability of the student is also a huge factor.
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    Agreed Bob,you would have to take an average for the class,,of course the class i was in at school was a special class for slow people,,in our case the average would have been very low,,and that would not have been the teachers fault,,in this world there are very few things that can be done across the board,,there are always exceptions..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Yes, and there's no one right answer.

    I know several teachers, and compared to me , NO THEY ARE DEFINITELY NOT UNDERPAID.


    As a whole, I'd say they're not underpaid, but it would be nice to be able to pay the good ones more and the poor ones less.


    A fair bit of money would be saved, could be spent on the poor kids who don't have breakfast or lunch.

    ....if all students and learning/results are important, why such differences in salaries across the states based on the same experience and education?


    For one thing, every school district in every state has its own budget, based on many factors, population being one of them. This even affects schools within a district.
    A credential from one state is not transferable to another state. It takes several additional years of coursework to earn a credential valid outside the one in which the original credential was awarded. This makes me think requirements are specific to each state.
    Benthere what is the appropriate/fair pay to establish underpaid ?

    Not a clue. Even substitute pay varies in our county from districit to district. The "wealthier" districts will have more funds available and teachers will clamor for jobs in those prestige districts. They'll hire top candidates and even the slower students will have more resources. My friend taught kindergarten classes with 30 kids in class...the ones who didn't speak English spoke Hmong, Vietnamese, Spanish; some were drug babies with learning and/or behavioral disabilities. Some had physical conditions through no fault of anyone, and some had parents who didn't even get their children to school on time, or even every day. She knocked herself out for 30+ years and taught every one of those kids more than most. Whatever she earned, it wasn't enough for all the extra time, effort, and personal funds involved.
    She puts in the same effort subbing for friends taking a week off for a wedding or trip to the coast. THOSE teachers get paid too much.

    Your friend is the kind of teacher who deserves her pay check and more. Her students will never forget her.

    You're right, Ducky. She's awesome

    Taking into account the benefits, absolutely not.

    under paid heck no not when parents have to continue schooling their kids at home after school home work don't get me wrong education is great i just feel teachers are well paid for what they do

    If teachers were paid under a piece award, most of them would be paying the Government aka the tax payer. the kids in Oz have just had their quarterly holidays, and guess what for most schools including Private schools in South Australia had a Teacher Free Day, first day back -- the whole education system is a joke. In AUSTRALIA TEACHERS ARE VERY WELL PAID.----- Money for Nothing.


    But...there must be some great ones?

    Ducky, i'm generalising a bit, the teachers a little like nurses, some were born for the profession. compassionate in what they do, others it's only a job.

    I don't feel underpaid rather than under appreciated at times. This is a tough one because yes, your tax dollars a paying my salary and most people think that we deserve it, but sometimes we are not portrayed well in the media, especially when the talks revolve around contracts. Unfortunately, people who don't know better will believe everything they hear. As to merit pay, I never liked the idea because it's also the family's job to reinforce what their child is learning. Please remember that whether your a teacher or parent or community member...everything we do should be in the KIDS best interests. If I wanted to get rich, there are a lot of other jobs out there that I could be doing.

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