is it true if your in the army and are wanting to leave you have to pay a fee for E.P.A first before you can leave..

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    let me refraise this question my friend is resigning from the army and has been visiting another base for 6 months now and was given a bill for over staying as a foreign visitor even though he's still in th military and the bill was from the E.P.A for about 4 thousand pounds uk. Problem is they won't let him leave the uk to go back to the U.S till it's payed and he doesn't have the money till he gets back to the U.S and he just want s to get the money to pay for it from a frozen bank account when he gets back over in the U.S.he's already missed 2 flights back to the U.S because of there this..

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    First time I've heard of that one. As far as I know the only time you can leave the Army is when your enlistment time is up or if they discharge you for another reason.

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