i heard of a single, quiet working woman who lives in a 1,000 foot square apartment. she unplugs ALL of her items before leaving for the day. her electric bill is $33 a month. (she does not unplug her fridge)

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    Nearly all electronic devices use electricity when they are plugged in. This includes TVs, Computers, Cable boxes, VCRs, anything with a clock and your chargers for laptop, cell phone, etc.
    I'm not single and I do that. If you want to save money, that's what you do. Why do you want to make the thieving electricity companies rich.

    i never thought it would work. thanks. (my first answer didn't show)

    That makes alot of sense. I have already unplugged most if my Appliances.
    I got ya beat, I know a woman (Chinese) that does the same thing, her bill was 18.00.. I saw it last week and commented on it. She also has her cellphone down to 26 bucks per month, no data or texting, she had a landline but dumped it because at 7.95 per month it was too much, she could receive calls anytime but her outgoing was metered. She has a TV but no service, she is able to pick up 4 stations. And to top it, she has money to burn! She keeps most of her money in a sack, she uses the bank but only keeps enough money there for bills.

    This is what I mean Vinny about being eccentric. I'm sure she does other things that U&I would call stupid as well to save a nickel.

    She drives me crazy, she will spend two hours going through the sunday paper cutting coupons, she will go buy things she doesn't need because she has a coupon for it. makes no sense! One night after work we decided to stop off at a restaurant, she looked forever in her purse-- we had to go to her home so she could get the coupon, I said don't worry about it, i will pay, she got pissed.. LOL
    Plenty. I laugh all the way to the bank, hee hee. The lights are dimmed too! I'd rather have it in my bank.
    i've learned a lot and i've gottq find a way. ok. tomorrow we'll live in gloom. thanks flip and all.
    i just never believed that it would work! i gave her living statistics so you'd get a picture of how she lives. ok. tomorrow, the lights go out. thanks. how much do you think you save?
    Well maybe she is eccentric also. She might have quite of bit of money in the bank, she could be a miser, who knows?

    i think for survival's sake, i myself will have to become a miser. : ( . terrible.

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