Gas is too pricey... Do you have any meal ideas for a family of for with ... 50 dollars a week to spend?

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    We grow veg... can and freeze... We are going to be spread very thin when summer is here.. . Idont work in the summer.

    Makes me so sad to read and hear these things.. There is no reason for people to go through these hardships, makes me wanna strangle those responsible.

    Aww it is not all bad.. It builds character... We eat.. My hubby is 5'11 and 230 lbs.. almost solid muscle... And I am getting pretty chunky myself.. So I cant complain.. I am just bored with the same old thing all the time.

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    In suburban areas we are permitted to have up to five hens, but no roosters. Who wants roosters anyway, they don't lay eggs.

    Love it!!!
    Mince is cheap here in Australia. You could try growing your own vegetables in large containers if you don't have space. That is what I do. Not only that, I bought cheap, dwarf, fruit trees from the internet. I keep four hens too. I sell some of the eggs to a friend. The money I get from that feeds the hens. Every thing is going sky high here in Oz.

    We grow fruit and veg... But we are nt permitted to have "livestock" where we live... Glad to here I am not alone.
    Always stock up on can goods such as vegetables and buy meat that every family member eats and shop around for the best prices and also always keep rice and potatoes as the starches. I have been doing this for years and it works!

    I do heses things.. But i am so bored with the meals I have been making.. I have a great friend that will come by every couple of months and drop off 50lbs bags of potatoes or onions or crates of eggs.. when my hubby was out of work for 8 mo due to an accident he butchered a cow for us... (I love Dorris) It is nice to be loved

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