can i move a program from my old computer to a new one

    I have purchased a new computer and have a number of programs on my old computer that I'd like to have on my new one.

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    Move as much as you can off your old computer onto a back-up hard drive. Then connect that back-up hard drive to your new computer. You can then move any files to your new computer or simply leave them on the BU HD where they can be opened with the new computer.

    Back up hard drives
    It is extremely difficult to move a singular program from one computer to another, since parts of the program are stored in various parts of the hard drive, and you won't know what or where they all are. What you can do, is copy your old hard drive onto your new one, and then delete the programs you don't want on your new drive. The only problem with this is, you might copy an old program or drivers onto your new drive, which already has a newer version and it will overwrite the new version. Some computers will ask if you want to overwrite the program or driver, then make your choice from there. However, this can be very time consuming. The best thing to do is get the original copy of the old program from the manufacturer, or from the CD, and install it on the new computer.
    The only way is to reinstall it on the other computer... unless you end up removing the hard drive somehow. XD

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