Can you feel rage because of silly things?

    Like when someone makes a strange noise while eating. When you are asked to do something that you already doing... , I mean really stupid things... I realize that I shouldn't be mad because of these things but sometimes I do.

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    I think so I do not care for BS and gossip and refuse to be party to it so yeah working all day with people that tend to love this and thrive on it yeah it gets on my very last nerve. sounds like hormonal imbalance due to PMS. Once you notice yourself feeling that way and realize this you can in most cases control it. If not maybe talk with your doctor.

    A simple solution to this is be sure to take all your Vitamin "B's." Lack of this can make one cranky even nasty some times. Exercise also, is amazing where this is concerned. If this doesn't work then consider alternatives.
    HELLO EVERYONE.FRIST OF ALL For God gave us not a spirit of fearfulness; but of power and love and discipline.if God is for you who can beaganist you,and no weapon froam againt you or me shell prospers.that is faith in God word.when i am week ,my faith in God is strong.fear brings ,procrastination,like my spelling.i didn't want to read in front of class becouse of my i didn't like reading.but now i am trying again to read better,and spell i believe i understand now why fear came opon me is becoure,of right now.i was a child then. we are born with the sents of fear becouse of the body we live can fill when somthing hert you,or some one trying to hert warning sign danger,protections of love one...etc.i am not talking about that kind of fear.i talking about when God said fear not,i am with you for ever amen.when fear trys to enter your mind,think of God fear not for i am with you,now fear has to go,becouse your spirit mind said so,not your body that fear try to decieve.were there fear,there no faith,and were there fear there no faith.pitcher this in your mind.a train is on a railroad track,all box car or full of God word.God said his word,and his promise to use will be fulfill.put your faith in one of the box car and relax.

    Of course, you can. Feelings (emotions) are not necessarily rational; they rarely are, in fact. They are often automatic responses to stimuli.

    The value of our human brains is that we have the opportunity to use our intelligence to rationally avoid taking actions based on irrational feelings.

    You're wise enough to raise the question, so you're well on your way to understanding how to handle your feelings.

    yes you can feel rage I think the next time this happens look at the situation or the act itself, when something bothers a person it is because something in their past a situation that is very similar they did not deal totally with that situation. So whenever you hear something or see something in the same context it will bother you. Be honest with yourself ask yourself this question why is this bothering me why when I just hear someone say that word or phrase or doing that gesture just eats inside of me. Now the true answer will come to mind. You will finally have your answer and hopefully deal with what was making you angry. Take Care

    very good i will do so,

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