HMMM??? where are u?

    Are there any honest men out there??

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    I'm honest and I'm from planet earth ;-)


    mmmmmmm....... let me think about it, ok I will be honest, I was not honest all the time but I'm trying to be honest and working on it. Will I get any prize for it? LOL
    How are you Angela? I guess you are from Australia.
    And one more thing: What is the reason behind your quetsion?

    Angela Tranchitella

    U sure???..LOl =)

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    dont want to lie ,so ill stay out of this

    Angela Tranchitella

    AAHAHA!!..of course!!..shit I'm lookin for a husband!!..LOL=)



    Sorry girls I took the last one. lol

    Honesty is relative. Everything we say is biased based on our experience, saw recently ate for breakfast and sat next to on the bus. A thousand and one influences ramble around in our brains each day and you are looking for honesty?! Sleep is a some what honest state. Honest in this tiny sliver if time right now. Ok I'm panting and I think I did it for a fraction of a second there. That was tough. Had enough?

    Angela Tranchitella

    WAT???? LMAO..It's truely not that hard not to lie! Lying is a garbage ass quality n a person

    I'm an honest man who found an honest woman, the second time around.

    Honestly? I can't answer for honest men, I can honestly say I'm one of them, honestly I am honest sometimes when I'm being dishonest about that..

    How are you??

    Angela Tranchitella

    What the hell did u jus say??lol I'm good r u??


    I dunno, I just make 'em us as i go along, at the time it made sense. (to me)

    Well I can`t let the other two Aussie yobos take all the glory, I also am honest. I must confess this has not always been the case but as I grew older and wiser I changed so hope for you yet robertgrist.

    Angela Tranchitella

    hmmm..must be America =)

    does this mean that all honest men are from australia i love to hear them talk i think that french men are honest also i honestly think it is where we live that influences the men in america to be the way they are the way sex is portrayed here it is everywhere if 13 year olds are virgins now they are considered abnormal normal here is no morals 5 and 6 divorces 2 kids with one woman 1 with another a couple kids with your new girlfriend 2 or 3 with your old girlfriend and it goes on and on we have made it this way we sell nothing in america now without sex being involved even shampoo commercials have gotten out of hand lies are all part of lack of morals


    I Am an HOnest, i repeat truthfully honest Guy, i live in Autsralia, So what is the point of this question, don't tell me it's a date!!

    Angela Tranchitella

    ooops that comment up there was meant for down

    Angela Tranchitella

    sure u don't want to move to America??LOL!!!

    Angela Tranchitella

    And the point of the question was to hear back from honest men...LOL who I'm sure r not bein honest about bein honest...;)



    Shall I call and make reservations somewhere for you two? : )


    Nice to meet you doublehelix in down under from Alabama. Sure wish there were more like you.

    Grit Savage

    same here! very honest and living in Australia :-)


    hehe colleen, i vote for a french restaurant and a five star hotel, how about you Angela ?


    awwwh darling darci, thank you very much i'm sure there arn't so many kind ladies like you as well, too bad america is far away, i would've sweeped you off your feet in a second ;)


    lmao sammy i'm only 21, turning 22 soon, have no wife yet ;)


    but my mum is probably going to force me to get married after college :)


    what can you do against a mum's wish to 'see her son get married' :)


    hehehe, can't wait for that day ;)


    i have to say doublehelix you sound like such a nice guy,your wife is a lucky lady,by the way im not flirting with you lol.


    bloody hell dh you sound alot older than you are but im sure one day some lucky lady will snap you up lol.


    i think somebodys got a crush on you DH what do you reckon angela lol!!!!

    I'm an honest man Angela. What's up?

    No. That's the truth of it. Everyone tells fibs even ladies. Can you honestly say that you never fib, If it's honesty to your wife then I can say yes, most of the time, I tell my wife everything. unless it's something I don't want her to know. I'm sure she does the same to me.

    I like Aussies

    go to second life and get an avatar.

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