Why did they take all the good T V shows off the air , all at the same time ? ! :- o Billy the Exterminator, Super Nanny, the Worlds Strictest Parents, I Shouldn't Be Alive, Buried Alive -Hoarding , Animal Hoarding, Fatal Attractions--about animals killng their owners, and others

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    And they took " Trading Spouses " and " Wipe Swap " off the air :-( .They were fun to watch; and it showed people changing and becoming more respondsible parents thru learning something from the exchange. Ditto for Super Nanny.She was teaching parents-who were at their wit's end--- how to be good parents

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    Ratings. Not enough people like them. I have to say, out of the list, I like none of them also. I guess you can blame me and TSC.
    Now, there's an intelligent person. See above ^ His/ her s n is IluvJesus . Thank you , IluvJesus, for telling me that those shows may be on hiatus and might come back.
    what's TSC ? It doesn't sound like anything that has to do with ratings ?

    Sounds like the chemical in marijuana?

    Actually it means THE STRIPER CONSULTANT. A title name I used for a few blogs I maintained.
    (SIX of which have been booted) :)

    By the way, I'm MR LOVABLE now.
    I hate all those shows. :)
    Some of those shows listed are good shows like animal hoarding and fatal attractions,I shouldn't be alive is awesome also,the shows that I listed still air,they just go on hiatus from time to time.

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