Is there a difference in "makin love " and "sex" If so please explain

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    Sex is typically had for the physical (bodily) pleasure it gives. Emotional feelings or love do not always apply.

    Making love is a sharing of emotional love along with the physical act of sex. It's an emotional bonding between two people that helps to solidify and build their relationship and the love they feel for each other.
    making love is what my wife calls it while im having sex

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    There are a lot of good answers here, I will agree with all that I have seen and maybe I'll be a little more wordy, sorry.

    You can have sex with anyone, even with yourself, but making love is an entirely different thing. Like some have said it involves your heart, this is very true. I think sex is basically just the act of having relations, but making love involves your emotions and feelings.

    You can only make love with someone you truly love, and you sometimes can have just sex with them as well. On the other hand if you have sex with someone you hardly know, you can't make love to them, you can only have sex with them.

    It seems like the emotional attachment and your feelings are what makes the difference, making love is usually more tender of an act than just sex. The difference is like day and night, making love is far, far, superior to just having sex.

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    MAKING LOVE is what happens to you when your having SEX.
    Not right away but it has a way of creeping up on you. :)
    Making love is having sex with someone you really care enough for to marry.
    You can have sex with anyone who will let you.
    Sex is when the lights are turned off. Making love the lights are on.

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