What would you do if you lose everything money, family and friends?

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    Learn from that history/experience; pick yourself up and begin a new and better chapter of life.

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    Start over. Even the wealthiest of people can loose everything, it just means you have to start over again. Loosing family and friends is much more complex than loosing money. You have to try to mend the broken relationships which takes time. I would rather loose all the money that I have than to loose family or friends.

    But, you can't roll over and die, you just have to pull yourself up and start over again. Hopefully you will have learned some valuable lessons from your past failures or mistakes. Lessons that you can apply to your future endeavors.

    Learn from our mistakes and never quit trying.



    Good answer Leeroy. When I read the question, my mind went to Japan. Even the ones who lost everything there are truly not alone though.

    There's always someone to help you pick up the pieces.



    I have to wonder about a mind that would come up with such a story. The only thing that will keep people from helping another would be if that "other" was a bitter and angry person. People tend to stay away when they get spat on.


    I was told a story once about a little bird. It was whistling in the tree tops on a lovely sunny day. The cattle were grazing in the lush meadows when suddenly a dark cloud appeared. Within a short time it was pouring it down with rain. The poor little bird was soaked, his feathers were so heavy with rain water it fell out of the tree into a large cow pat. The little bird cried out, help me please help me but everyone just walked past and ignored him.

    The moral of the story is that if you land yourself in the shit nobody wants to know you.


    Colleen I have withdrawn my comment. It was not intended to cause distress for anyone.It was intended to express the fact that if you are in trouble you must try to pull yourself up and start over again as leeroy had mentioned.I certainly would not wish my story to upset anyone.

    Like I am doing praying, and taking baby steps one day at a time.....

    Been there, it aint nice! but I got it together and started a new life. bloody hard work at first (I'm not in my twenty's any more)but its been more than worth it. :-)

    Good on you.
    Live in a tent and save.

    Try to start over again I guess. In my case that would mean moving back in with my 88 year old mother. Scratch that. I would lay my head on a train track and wait for the 5:15 to blow by. Sorry mom.

    start over once again with full planing

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