What is your favourite thing in this world?

    What is the best of this life for you? Is there a landscape or a city that relly makes you extremely happy, complete, realize and fulfill? Or... do you have and extraordinary feeling while doing something, like making love or painting or running? What makes you reach that highest moment?

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    I've always loved cars. I build high horsepower engines (3,000 plus HP) as a hobby but I do make money at it as well. There is no greater thrill for me than to experience the G-forces in a quarter mile dragster doing 195 Plus MPH. Only wish my wife would watch me run. She hasn't in over twenty years.

    Got me excited just reading that!!
    god , my wife, reading, down hill sking, hicking and eating new foods is fun as well

    Besides the wife and little one I would have to say antique John Deere tractors. Theres nothing like hearing an old two cylinder snort when shes pulling hard.


    A beautiful vision; an excellent verse. ;)
    LIFE; and its gift of the of the Soul; the of evolving self awareness, as all good things will follow this cause1 ;)

    Oliver is my favorite in this world.

    The appreciation of LIFE

    My wife, football, fishing and beer. Not necessarily in that order but close. ;)

    Clean Pants
    I love this world and all that it sustains. To me this world is a spiritual nursery where the children of God are given the opportunity to experience life as a mortal being with infinity and eternity just beyond life’s door. Here, our relationships are so important, our sharing of happy thoughts, dreams and time honoring moments together in our venture. Family, mothers, fathers, sisters,brothers,grand mothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and nephews…all and neighbors…and friends. With security and stability of a loving family and friends…isn’t that a lovely thought…that’s what I thought my life would be like when I came to this world as an infant child. My first few moments of life after being born was so comforting and then an elderly man with rough skin reached out and grasped my feet by my ankles and to my surprise picked me up by his grip upon my feet and ankles and there was this sudden impact as his free hand collided with my back that was so powerful that I remembered the sensation of being hit by a bus as a simile to the event. I cried, of course and in this dire state thought I must be morbidly deformed to be killed at birth in such a crewel way. But then gentler hands took their turn and I was assured of being healthy and loved.

    Experiencing life here is a uniquely personal and private matter that has been very odd and often confusing whereas my life before I came here was shared with many other beings who always sought to share their life and love with all they know. That we are so private as personal beings reminded me of the contemplative life I knew before I came here. I was told in my youth that many people did not want to remember Paradise. But to me, this world exists to give us the opportunity to make this world like Our Home before we came here and by that remind all others of what we left behind that they may add to its collective grander also. This is the life I love here.

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