What is the theme for the 2012 Founder's Day

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    I'm not sure, it depends on what state you're in I think, check out this site it may help...

    National PTA Reflections Program Theme Search


    "One of National PTA's greatest points of pride is that their Reflections Program Themes are chosen by its students. Children get the opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas which control the direction and shape of each Reflections Program year."


    We are pleased to announce that the 2012-2013 Reflections Program Theme Search application is now available!

    National PTA Theme Search 2012-2013 Adobe PDF

    Watch the Home Page News Briefs for the announcement of the winners.

    Date Due:

    The postmarked deadline for entering the 2012-2013 Search is October 20, 2010.


    The NYS PTA Reflections Program has a huge participation of children in its Theme search for a Reflections Program in the future. Each year the number of theme entries gets bigger and better! Much creativity is put forth for this endeavor. We have been delighted to send five winning themes from the State to National PTA. Any PTA child could have the next state winning theme or even be a National winner. Take the Plunge! Speak with your child about entering the 2012-2013 Theme Search!

    For more information please select a link below:

    ACT Award

    Advocate in Action Award

    Distinguished Service Award (DSA)

    Founders Day Brochure

    Golden Oak and Diamond Awards for Special Recognition

    Honorary Life Membership (HLM)

    Jenkins Memorial Scholarship for Teacher Education

    Leadership Award in Honor of Jane Skrzypek

    Membership Awards

    NYS Teacher of the Year Application 2012

    NYS Teacher of the Year Award Announcement 2010

    PARP Award

    Phoebe Apperson Hearst - National PTA Excellence in Education Partnership

    Reflections Theme Search

    Teacher Fellowship for Graduate Study in Memory of Richard Gazzola

    Twin Projects Brochure

    Youth Humanitarian Award in Memory of Stanley Marcus

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