why do people get so hard on themselves?

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    We're our own worst critics
    human nature, god teaches us to forgive others as well as ourselvs,neither one can be easy. maybe we need to focus on helping others to take the pressure off ourselvs..

    It was how I was raised........

    because when they're growing up, their parents tell them
    1. They're lazy
    2. They're going to have trouble with others later in life....when they grow up.
    3. their parents always tell them how much better their brother or sister is.
    4. their parents tell them what they think, say, or do isn't nice , or is stupid.

    Some people are hard on themselves because they have "set the bar" pretty high and try to live up to those expectations of themselves.  If they aren't successful, they become overly critical of themselves instead of resetting their goals more realistically and taking things one step at a time.  It's like trying to climb a ladder by starting at the 5th rung, which is a major stretch (and damn near impossible for nearly everyone, I'll wager). 

    There are others, though, who never accept responsibility for themselves in any way, shape, or form.  I'd rather be too hard on myself than this way, but I'd much rather be realistic!

    One of reasons maybe, spending their time making everyone happy but themselves.

    I can't speak for women, but it's applicable to men who use Viagra.

    It is natural to question oneself. If we make a mistake and feel no remorse we would never learn. Sometimes we beat up on ourselves in order to improve ourselves and learn humility. The best lessons often come in the form of bad things but that doesn't make a person bad unless they chose that.

    i think its society...which mean us as a whole. Our whole lives we spend trying to improve and become better. Most of us dont realize that everything we need is already inside of us. Thank God. Lets be greatful and accept our greatness as given!

    Hi Ash. Wasn't sure if you were still around. Good to see you :)

    Hey! Yes, still here. Just waiting for the good questions to come through. How are you?

    I'm doing great! Waiting for good questions, eh? Don't hold your breath. I think common sense folks left for better pastures. No one wants to hang with kids and preachers. ;)

    I threw the gauntlet into the ring to bring out the funnies. There's a rash at the moment.

    I think its society; us as a whole. We spend most our adult life striving to become better and perfect. What most of us dont realize is that God has blessed us with everything we need inside of us. Thank You Jesus. Lets accept our greatness as GIVEN...not earned!

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