what is the cheapest way to build a 600hp chevy 350

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    Probably the cheapest way is to find one for sale and buy it as cheep as you can.
    I took the liberty of posting your question on my site-- Bunch of 'motorheads' very smart people, here is a reply for you..

    This guy responding to your request is an engine builder and a pro at this type of thing. See below

    Actually, in all seriousness, the cheapest way honestly is to get a nitrous kit to make up the difference. But you can only count on about a 100 hp shot on a stock 350, which is not going to get them what they're looking for.

    I'd advise using a 4-bolt block and have it rebuilt with forged pistons and rods. Iron crank will live with that. Then get a cam for performance; doesn't really matter which kind of cam, as long as it matches the compression ratio. Typically, they'll have around a 9.5:1 compression ratio, plus or minus. So assuming they have an emissions test, a cam no bigger than about 270 degrees duration (total advertised) should be adequate. That'll get them to around 300 horse, maybe 325. Then they'll need a big hit of 250 to 300 hp of nitrous. It's easier if they're carbureted.

    Pistons: $430 or so.
    Rods: $213
    Rebuild kit: $180
    Cam: Depends. Count on around $300 to be safe. Include lifters if flat-tappet.
    Nitrous kit: $550 give or take
    Machine work: $750 average

    And that's if they do the work themselves. If not, add $500 for the machinist to assemble the engine.

    See if you can find out what they're doing and what kind of car it's in. Reason I ask is that undoubtedly they will find the next weak link in their drivetrain. There aren't too many stock tranny and rear end set-ups that will live with that kind of a power increase. The older Chevy musclecars will...for a while anyway. Muncie transmissions and 10-bolt rear ends will live for a bit under that kind of power, but will eventually fail also and will need upgrading. But anything from the 80's and newer...uh uhh. I don't think so. T5's and 700R4's and the weaker rear ends won't take it.


    i just gave him cliff notes

    I gave him an editorial.. LOL
    There is no way to build a "cheap" SB Chevy. 600 HP engine will cost you 15 large.
    the cheapest horse power is made by introducing nitros oxidide to the fuel mix. it is also the most distructive way to obtain your goal

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