What do you know about metaphysics? Could you please suggest me links?

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    Opening my mind to metaphysics has been a wonderful adventure for me. I am especially grateful to the subjects of the two sights mentioned above. A Course in Miracles and The Urantia Book are simply too wonderful to miss. I have read and studied them both for years in groups and on my own and I gladly recommend both of these books.


    robertgrist, Hi , Look up my answer to the question," Where was God when Jesus was on the cross?" My answer is simply put. I am also a student of "ACIM"s. My family thinks I'm insane. They are so right.You know what I mean, nug, nug? I really keep "ACIMs" to myself. I feel it's something great, but people need to find it themselves. I was lead to "A" course because of all the turmoil in my life which just didn't make any sense. Read my answer, I tell it like it is, I don't beat around the bush. Tell me what you think, I think it will put a smile on your face. Thank GOD for "ACIMs.

    every thing is energ and energy must change. the tao of physics is an excellent book to read

    E=MC x MC Which means, Thought equals Matter, Thought being Energy. or CHRIST {being ENERGY} = phyiscal. E equals MC squared.

    Thank you, robertgrist. You are very kind.

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