ivery time a person wears a cross around their neck it breaks or crack in two. what do you think this mean

    from the time this person was a child every time she wears a cross, it breaks, cracks or lost. is this evil or good? She is very nice,
    mindful of others, helpful and not a bad thought about anyone.

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    2 Answers

    I was going to say buy something a little more expensive, but Expert got to it first, maybe God's trying to tell her something? Tough question? There are a lot of nice people out there that aren't truly nice, but are just posers, I'm not saying that this is the case, but you would know better than us.

    Maybe take her to church and see what happens? If she goes into convulsions, that's a bad sign, lol

    all the crosses were expensive ones. no she is not a poser and she attends church and never has a convulsion.
    Any jewlwry you are not careful with is going to have problems.. My son breaks his crosses all the time... It is just the shape.. It has a distinctive weak spot.

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