how do i get rid of ms remove tool page

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    tell your credit card company this is a fake trjon but report it but you do have to pay unles you takeit to a computer shop to have it removed and that can cost a lot of money if you down load norton itsworth it asit stop all this crap gordon uk
    you cant i got hit by it the othere week it cost me $59,99 as soon as you pay it unlockes the computer after paying it i called me credit card compant asked then to change my account number right away i called on the monday the credit card compant they had told me they refunded the money so i think they were after the credit card detailsi down loaded norton installed it found this MS right away as a fake trojon so get norton 360 2011 you can down load on free triel it with remove that crap of MS but if you pay as you cannot unlock your computer until you paid i tried in every way but change your credit card account

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