Why can't yahoo's spam have the option of checking not spam?

    One of my contacts has a first name which Yahoo interprets as a spam name, ergo, the mail always goes in the spam file. If I could just mark her mail as not spam, it would go in the inbox, instead of me having to move it every time!

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    When using Yahoo Classic Beta version, there is not a "not spam" button. According to Yahoo (see link below), moving the email you do not want marked as spam to your inbox will automatically remember it as "not spam". I haven't found that to be the case.
    I just switched over to the new version and checked the spam folder and there IS a "not spam" button on the e-mail toolbar. You might want to check it again?

    You are correct. It is the Beta version that has the problem

    Well how many dang versions do they need?

    I like the Classic Beta version because I get a full screen to view my email list, where the standard version uses about one quarter of the screen (right side) for advertisement. But the spam thing is annoying. Have a good evening.
    It does. When you find mail in your spam filter and it's not spam, open it and then look at the option buttons at the top of the mail. You will see a "not spam" button. Click it and it will move the message to your regular e-mail and then place all future e-mails from that contact in the correct area.

    The newest version of Yahoo doesn't have the "not spam" button dear. Bugs me too.

    I refuse to use the new version. I switched back to classic yahoo. Maybe you guys should use their contact link and complain to them about that. Maybe they'll include the option if they get enough complaints.

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