I need nice man 2 be with forever,why are u not coming?

    I AM ARTIST ...u can find me in i am looking for a man to talk and live all the time

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    Be prepared to get a lot of e-mails from perverts. Very silly of you to share your e-mail address on an open website that has viewers from all over the world. We are not a dating site for the reason there is no protection for the members if they get harassed by perverts.

    hey colleen, there was another post which had email account address for Facebook and also the password included, someone can easily do trouble there. i reported it to the admins no idea if they deleted the post or not yet :)

    Do you remember what the post was? I am only a moderator and not an admin so I do not see the "report" messages. If you can remember the thread, I can delete it.

    Don't worry about it, i think it's deleted as i can't even find a trace of it now, not even in my recent answers :)

    Cool. :)
    Well, it's not because you're not pretty, I am an artist as well, if you ever visit South Florida look me up.

    Sometime the problem is that people rush into the physical part of the relationship without getting to know the real person. A good lasting relationship through my experiences, comes to you by really getting to know the other person.

    Maybe you need to get to know the people better before you bring sex into the relationship? I know the women that I have gotten to know as friends first have been the longest and better lasting relationships. Hope this helps...?

    very nice ,,,i love to travel

    lol, I'm good looking, so I'm told, just not rich anymore. You should post some of your art work on the site, it would be nice to check it out...

    u welocome ...i send that to you and you tell me how to do for all from my art work to make all happy
    ///https://www.adrianna look for all obrazy-pictures ect to ask
    Your English has just improved Adrianna.

    I suggest you close that address fast.

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