do dogs see in color

    can dogs see in color

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    Supposedly not, I'm not buying it though, until a person is transplanted with dog eyes and tells everyone, that they can only see in black and white, then I'll probably believe it.

    Until then I have to guess probably not. In fact I just researched it and there are opposing views. I'll leave you some site to check out, some say black and white, others say color or color and black and white.

    Is it true that dogs can only see in black and white?
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    Question: My colleague keeps insisting that dogs only see two-dimensionally, but I ... Dogs are said to have dichromatic vision -- they can see only part of the range of ... - Cached
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    Maybe buy several different colored towels, see which one he chooses to play with the most.

    Wear different color shirts and pants and watch the reaction of you dog when he looks at you. Wear all black one time, all white another, blue, red, etc.
    What's the opinion of you doggie lovers out there?

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