What is a railroad cake?

    Many years ago (probably 15 to 25 years ago) there was an article in Canadian Living Magazine about railroad cakes and they had 3 recipes. My family are interested in the story about railroad cakes but I do not have the article.

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    Here are a few sites for you to search, hope this helps, let us know if it does:

    Railroad Cake Recipe - Old-fashioned recipes
    Railroad Cake Ingredients. 1 1/2 cupfuls of white sugar creamed with 1/2 cupful butter; 5 whites of eggs; 1 cupful sweet milk, or half of milk and water - Cached
    2. - Recipe - Railroad Cake
    Mix all together. DO not beat with a mixer. Put in a 9 x 12 cake pan.,186,149167-252202,00.html - Cached
    Railway Cake Pan | Williams-Sonoma
    This is one train no one will want to miss! Our ingeniously designed cake pan bakes a complete nine-car locomotive that's ready to decorate and eat – there's no ... - Cached
    Railroad Cake - Image Results
    Railway C... Nordicwar... ... my fa... Thomas Ta...
    Coolest Train Birthday Cake Photos on the Web's Largest ...
    Train cake submitted by: Lisa R. Lancaster, PA. This train birthday cake is the Strasburg Railroad's Canadian National Engine 89. My son is obsessed with trains and one of ... - Cached
    Railroad Cake Recipe - Group Recipes. We ? Food.
    According to my Mom's cookbook this is a 150 year old recipe. I'm guessing an 8' square pan to bake it in. Thought it might be interesting to some of you. No detailed ... - Cached
    7. - Recipes - Railroad
    RAILROAD CAKE. Mix all together. ... top of batter, then put topping on last. Bake at 325 ...,1-0,railroad,FF.html - Cached
    Train Cake Pans & Decorations
    Train Shaped Cake Pan Item: # WIL52076-C34 Price: $12.99 9-Car Railroad Mini Cake Pan Item: # NWC59037-D37 Price: $39.99 Thomas & Friends at the Carnival Cake Topper Set - Cached
    Railway Cake-Train cakes for kids-Children's birthday cakes ...
    Railway Cake. Fresh birthday cakes for boys. Racing car cakes, bob the builder cakes, pirate cakes and many more.Buy online at for home delivery ... - Cached
    Railway Cakes ofr train loving kids-Fresh Cakes Home ...
    Railway Cake. Play railways with toy trains and sugar trees included. upload. Price: Including delivery ?58.00 Please Allow 3 Working Days Notice. - Cached
    9-Car Railroad Mini Cake Pan By NordicWare
    Product Details: Here's the choo choo train with a trainload of uses. This is one little fun train ride that no one will want to miss! Ingeniously designed train cake pan ... - Cached
    I found a recipe for railroad cake by typing Railroad Cake in my browser.

    I have the article from Canadian Living, there are the recipes in the article plus Tomato soup cake and Queen Elizabeth cake.  They are all dense cake and really good.

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