How to mend a boat cover or awning

    without sewing

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    things you'll need:

    * Canvas with Tear
    * Patch Piece of Canvas
    * Canvas Adhesive or Fabric Adhesive
    * Needle and thread or Sewing machine

    * 1

    The first step in fixing your canvas is to take out a ruler and measure how big your rip, tear or hole in the canvas is. Once we have the measurement then we need to get out our extra patch canvas and cut it as follows. We need it 2 inches extra on all sides of the tear.
    * 2

    If the tear is a long straight tear measuring 4 inches, then we need a patch 8 inches long and 4 inches wide. If you have a hole 3 inches by 2 inches we need a patch 7 inches by 6 inches. Now we need to cut an identical patch so we have 2 the same size.
    * 3

    Now we need to add the Canvas adhesive to both patches and place them over the tear so that they extend 2 inches in each direction from the tear. Place one patch on the underneath the tear and one on top of the tear. Now lay the canvas on a work bench or counter top that has wax paper laid down first and lay a book or something flat and heavy on top until it dries.
    * 4

    Lastly we need to take our needle and thread or sewing machine and sew a circle around the tear approximately 1/2 inch from edge of the tear. When this is done sew a circle around the outside a 1/2 inch from the edge of the patch. Now you are back in business and this should last for a long time.

    Tips & Warnings


    If it is a larger hole or has a lot of strain on it you might want to sew another circle in between the two for added strength.

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