how do I move videos from my blackberry to my computer?

    I have a black berry bold

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    Transfer a file between your device and your computer in mass storage mode or MTP


    Depending on your BlackBerry® device model or your wireless service provider, mass storage mode or MTP might not be supported.

    Mass storage mode and MTP enable you to transfer files between a media card in your BlackBerry device and your computer, or your device memory and computer.

    1.  Connect your device to your computer.

    2.  On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon.

    3.  Set the Mass Storage Mode Support field or Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) field to On.

    4.  Press the Menu key.

    5.  Click Save.

    6.  On your computer, your device might appear as a removable disk. Drag a file from a location on your computer to your device.

    To exit mass storage mode or MTP, disconnect your device from your computer. 

    ‎02-02-2009 12:19 AM

    1. In device Menu select 'Media'

    2. Select 'Pictures'

    3. Select 'All Pictures'

    4. Select Photo(s) you want to move from device memory to your memory card

    5. Press BB Menu button then select 'Move'

    6. Press BB Menu button and select 'Explore'

    7. Select 'Media Card'

    8. Menu pops up and select 'Move Into'


    You can check to make sure the image was moved to the media card by selecting the photo just moved, then press the BB Menu button, then select 'Properties'.  It will show the path, including 'Media Card' at top.  There 'may be' a faster/different way of doing it, but the above works.



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